House Velaryon of Elyria is the ruling House of the island nation of Elyria. They rule from their seat of Tidestone Castle, a formidable fortress that takes up a full eighth of the island.

A Brief History of Velaryon Rule: Edit

Velaryon Rule of Elyria began early in 330 A.C, when Aurane Waters, the Bastard of Driftmark, and his pirate fleet, landed on the shores of the island after a decade spent in the Stepstones as a Pirate King. Aurane and his men took over the island and the Velaryon bastard proclaimed himself King of Elyria.

During his time as a Pirate King, he married a Lysene courtsean, Saera of Lys, and the couple would sire three children, two sons, Jacaerys and Addam, and a daughter, Elaena. He ruled the island Kingdom until his death in 336 A.C after a raid by Tolosi pirates.

His son, Jacaerys succeeded his father with little incident. After taking the raiders back to Tolos and handing them over, he started to trade with the three cities of Slavers Bay, even adopting thralldom as a way to make things less alien for the Ghiscari that would trade with them. He died almost thirty years to the day of his coronation after a short illness.

He was succeeded by his son, Aerion I. During his time as Crown Prince, he began a new Knightly order, the Order of the Blue Steed. When he became King, he named his brother, Alyn, as Lord Commander of the Order. During his reign, the royal palace of Elyria went through an extensive period of building work, eventually becoming known as Tidestone Castle. The beloved King died suddenly in 378 A.C, after a Mantaryan ambassador departed the island nation on a visit. Rumours soon arose that it was that the ambassador, a member of the Zobridar Family that poisoned the King.

This was the driving factor behind the First Elyrian-Mantaryan War, begun by Aerion I’s son, Aerion II in 384 A.C. For six years, the two nations fought against one another, with a number of Sellsword companies fighting for Elyria’s riches, offered by the King as payment. After the war ended, Elyria became a haven for Sellswords and Companies, with taverns, brothels and stores opening up to service them. After the war ended, Aerion II freed all of his thrall soldiers, granted them all full citizenship. He died in 391 A.C

The current monarch is Laenor, First of that Noble Name, Fifth King of Elyria, Lord of the Waters, Scion of Old Valyria and Master of the Gulf of Grief. In 393 A.C, he began the Second Elyrian-Mantaryan War, leading his men personally, slaughtering many Mantaryans.

Recent Events: Edit

As of 400 A.C, there is a tenuous peace between Elyria and Mantarys.

Tidestone Castle and the Elyrian City Edit

Tidestone Castle Edit

The Velaryon's of Elyria reside in the fortress-palace known as Tidestone Castle. Modelled off of the great castles of Westeros, whilst incorporating aspects from the Free Cities and Slavers Bay, Tidestone looms over the Elyrian City like a pale mountain. Constructed from white stone, the castle takes up a full eighth of the island of Elyria, and is connected to the outside walls, although said walls are still under construction.

The Order of the Blue Steed is headquartered in the Round Tower, the northernmost part of the island.

The Elyrian City Edit

The Elyrian City refers to the actual city of Elyria and all its districts. The three main districts are:

Free Port Edit

The Free Port is perhaps the only part of the island nation that foreigners need see. The Free Port refers to the large harbour of Elyria, where countless taverns, brothels and tradesmen reside.

Hightown Edit

Hightown refers to the area around Tidestone Castle, where the 'nobility' of Elyria reside. Most noble families of Elyria build their wealth on their trade fleets, but some, like the Mallar's, run several sellsword companies, becoming rich and filling their home with trophies from around the known world.

Saltspray/Lowtown Edit

Lowtown, known as Saltspray by its citizens, is the largest area of the Elyrian City, where the majority of the Elyrians call home. It is also home to the small amount of farmland Elyria has, the Elyrian Forges and mills, along with several mines.

The Kings of Elyria: Edit

Aurane I ‘The Drifting Snake’: 330 A.C - 336 A.C (Born 277 A.C).

  • Children: Jacaerys, Elaena, Aurane
  • The bastard of Driftmark, Aurane Waters was the son of Lord Velaryon of Driftmark and Grand Admiral of the Iron Throne for a time. Upon Queen Regent Cersei’s arrest by the Faith Militant, he convinced the men of the new fleet to flee to the Stepstones, where he lived as a Pirate King.  After Winter set in, he took what remained of his fleet and sailed for warmer climates, spending time as sellsails and sellswords, eventually landing on the small island of Elyria after many years. After forcibly taking the island over, he proclaimed himself King of Elyria, Lord of the Waters, Scion of Old Valyria and Master of the Gulf of Grief. He married a Lysene woman, and sired three children with her.

Jacaerys I: 336 A.C - 366 A.C (Born 306 A.C)

  • Children: Visenya, Aerion, Alyn, Aegon, Daemon
  • The eldest son of Aurane I, Jacaerys was born in the Stepstones in 306 A.C. He was serving as a Squire to his father during the ‘Taking of Elyria’, and was soon named Crown Prince after his Father’s declaration of Kingship. At the age of Nine-and-Ten, he was married to his Sister, Elaena, in the style of the Old Valyrian’s. His rule was thirty years long, almost to the day, and he spent most of his time starting trade with Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai. He died at the age of 60 after a short illness.

Aerion I: 366 A.C - 378 A.C (Born 327 A.C)

  • Children: Aerion, Addam, Rhaelle, Elaena
  • Born in 327 A.C to Crown Prince Jacaerys and his sister-wife Elaena, Aerion grew up the beloved Prince of Elyria. A peerless warrior and tourney Knight, he founded the Order of the Blue Steed, a knightly order that remains in place today,  and he would serve as its first Lord Commander. During his reign, the royal palace of Elyria went through an extensive period of building work, eventually becoming known as Tidestone Castle. He died suddenly in 378 A.C. It was widely suspected, but never proven, that the Zobridar Family of Mantarys poisoned King Aerion I. This rumour would, within six years, cause the first war between Elyria and Mantarys.

Aerion II: 378 A.C - 391 A.C (Born 357 A.C)

  • Children: Laenor, Rhaenys, Daeron (of Elyria), Elaena
  • Born in 357 A.C, Aerion II succeeded his father at the age of one-and-twenty. An angry man, he launched the first war against Mantarys in 384 A.C, and the conflict lasted until the year prior to his death in 391 A.C. He made extensive use of his thrall soldiers amassed by his grandfather, and upon returning to Elyria, granted them all freedom, with full rights as citizens.

Laenor I: 391 A.C - (Born 373 A.C)

  • Children: Laena
  • King Laenor is known for his dark moods and hatred of Mantarys. He, like his father, warred with the Mantaryans. As of 400 A.C, Mantarys and Elyria are in a period of tenuous peace. He was married to his cousin, Vaella Velaryon, although she died giving birth to their child, a daughter by the name of Laena. He was a Knight of the Blue Steed prior to taking the throne.

The Order of the Blue Steed: Edit

The Order of the Blue Steed was founded by then the Prince, Aerion I Velaryon in 340 A.C, serving as the Order’s first Lord Commander, modeled after the Kingsguard and Nights Watch of Westeros. The Order’s members are allowed to marry and have children, and own property, but must be both skilled at arms, and virtuous, akin to the Order of the Green Hand from The Reach during the reign of House Gardener.

Each Knight of the Order is inducted by the Lord Commander, and there is a limit of one hundred and one members at any given time. Once a year, a Knight of the Blue Steed is expected to attend the Cavalry Charge, donning the sea green capes and pale steel armour of their uniform. They ride through the streets of the Elyrian City, up to Tidestone Castle, where they are greeted by the reigning Monarch. Any man (or woman, however rare) that fails to finish the Charge is stripped of their Teal Cloak and membership. If the heir to the Throne is a Knight of the Blue Steed, they are required to cast aside their teal cloak upon their assumption of the Throne, for the Knights serve the Monarch.

The current Lord Commander is Ser Luwin, having replaced Alyn Velaryon in 392 A.C. He commanded the Order during the Second Elyrian-Mantaryan War.

Known Lord Commanders: Edit

(Crown Prince) Aerion Velaryon: 350 A.C - 366 A.C

Alyn Velaryon: 366 A.C - 392 A.C

Luwin: 392 A.C - Incumbent.