The Iron Throne

Aegon VI Blackfyre, 304-341 AC

Aegon grew up believing himself to be a Targaryen, however, upon being crowned King by Varys the Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne in 304 AC after emerging as the victor of the War of the Five Kings, Aegon was granted the ancestral sword of Daemon Blackfyre, "Blackfyre" and told of his real ancestry. He ruled through winter and the Long Night, leading the armies of the living in the War for the Dawn and fighting alongside the legendary heroes, Jon Snow the White Wolf and Danerys Targaryen the Mother of Dragons. He is a remembered as a hero of the Long Night as well.

Maegor II Blackfyre, 341-349 AC

Maegor, the son of Aegon, was crowned king following his father's death. Although he was not a cruel or ill-equipped ruler,  he reigned in King Aegon's shadow and was thus judged unfairly by the realm. Maegor died of illness in 349 AC, only eight years into his kingship. Maegor is not accredited for much in history, with little accomplishments of note.

Baelon I Blackfyre, 349-Present AC

The eldest son of Maegor II, Baelon inherited the throne following his father. Over the course of his reign, the realm began to truly return to normalcy. Summer returned during Baelon's tenure and he achieved peace with the independent Kingdom of the Vale. In 390 AC, however, the Targaryen Rebellion occurred and the Seven Kingdoms  went to war. Baelon and his loyalists were able to defeat the rebels and he has ruled peacefully ever since.

The Kingdom of the Vale

Falena I Arryn, 316-364 AC

Falena's decision to become independent from the Iron Throne was a controversial one, but one that allowed the Vale to survive with minimal desecration to its land during the Long Night. Most Vale lords still agree that it was necessary, but outside of the Vale, Falena and the Arryns inherited a legacy of cowardness.

Harmen I Arryn, 364-375 AC

Harmen was the firstborn son of Falena and the first to inherit the title of King of the Vale. In 375 AC, he died of unknown causes, and so too did his son and heir, Armen, leaving his secondborn son, Yohn, to inherit the Weirwood Throne.

Yohn I Arryn, 375-present AC

Yohn and his wife, Tyta Hersy, produced a boon of seven children, whilst Yohn also sired a bastard from an unknown mother. Though he has never been known to be a kind man, he upheld the Arryn traditions passed down by Falena and has kept the Vale secluded and safe.

The Kingdom of the Iron Islands

Euron I Greyjoy, 300-326 AC.

During his reign, Euron was able to sack Oldtown and decimate the western coast of Westeros during the terror of the Long Night. Even after the coast grew barren, Euron ignored his vassals who wanted to help take out the threat of the living dead and instead took to Dorne and Essos where he intended to make the new home of the Ironborn. He was finally defeated in 326 AC. by Asha Greyjoy and his son, Norjen I Greyjoy.

Norjen I Greyjoy, 326-338 AC.

Norjen renewed the Ironborn's faith in the Greyjoys and aided the fight against the dead during the War for the Dawn when King Aegon rallied the kingdoms. He lost his life in the battle, and his firstborn son was then crowned king after him.

Kenned I Greyjoy, 338-339 AC.

Kenned's short reign consisted only of commanding the Ironborn into battle during the War for the Dawn, where, like his father, he lost his life.

Harlon I Greyjoy, 339-371 AC.

Merely a boy when he was crowned King, Harlon was the second son of Norjen I and would be the only Greyjoy to live past the Long Night. His focus after it ended went to feeding his people, forming bonds with those on the coast for mutual aid in recovering the war. There were many Ironborn who were too eager to reave and would hurt Harlon's trust, but he managed to stabilize the Iron Islands and lead them into another era of prosperous reaving once he was dead from illness. His son, Norjen II, would then be crowned.

Norjen II Greyjoy, 371-400 AC.

Norjen II had already been an illustrious captain before being crowned, and his cruelty and ferocity in battle were unmatched. Outside of battle, however, he taught his children well and was a likeable, charismatic man of many talents. His oldest son, Beren, would suffer injuries during a raid that would leave him crippled and incapable, while his only other son, Dale, would lose his life in an accident. However, his only daughter, Perra, became one of the most able captains of the Ironborn fleet and Norjen II had high hopes that she will become the first Queen of the Iron Islands.

Perra I Greyjoy, 400- Present AC.