Lady Obara Yronwood is the current Lady of Yronwood, the Bloodroyal, Warden of the Stone Way and current head of House Yronwood. She is the daughter and only child of Ser Olyvar Yronwood and his wife, Jeyne Drinkwater.

History Edit

As the only child of the fourth child, Obara was unlikely ever to inherit Yronwood, so was allowed to pursue her own hobbies, becoming one of (if not the most, aside from the Maesters) the most knowledgeable of House Yronwood’s own history. She was betrothed to a Fowler, in an attempt to foster goodwill between the two embittered Houses, but broke said betrothal after becoming Lady of Yronwood.

She become the Lady of Yronwood after the Yronwood Succession Struggle in 392 A.C.

She rarely leaves the ‘safety’ of Yronwood Castle. She is known for her not so subtle distrust of the Martell’s, whom she suspects played a role in the Succession Struggle. That being said, she does have a degree of respect for Calon Martell for his actions that ended the Yronwood Succession Struggle. Like her father, Ser Olyvar, she dreams of a truly united Dorne, not one divided by Blackfyre-Targaryen lines.

She is currently four-and-twenty.

Recent History Edit

Lady Obara departs Yronwood for the first time in eight years to journey to the Tourney at Seagard. After an incident with her aunt, Dorea, she reaffirms her loyalty to Dorne to Prince Calon Martell.

During the journey to Seagard, she strikes up a friendship with Princess Deria, even joining her at the dais at the welcoming Feast.

Quotes Edit

Quotes By Obara: Edit

"We have served House Blackfyre since Daemon, and have little to nothing to show for it." Obara to Archibald Yronwood

Quotes About Obara: Edit

“Obara ‘the Mad Maid’... that’s what they ought to call the girl." - Calon Martell