Ravella Connington is a member of House Connington. She is the youngest of a pair of twins and the sole surviving daughter of Lord Raymund Connington and his late wife, Allyria Dayne.

Appearance Edit

While members of House Connington are well-known to have green eyes and auburn hair, Ravella takes few physical traits from her father's ancestors and instead resembles her mother's family far more closely: House Dayne. Her hair is dark, falling in curls past a narrow waist, and offers only a hint of red in the sunlight. Her eyes are violet, like her mother's were, perhaps to her detriment; she is an everyday reminder to her father of the woman whose love he lost to another man. Her brother, Criston, meanwhile, has the Connington coloring, but facial features that speak more to his mother's heritage.

History Edit

Criston and Ravella Connington were born in the year 382 AC, following a night and a day of laboring by their mother, Allyria Dayne. Having already given her husband an heir, Lord Raymund was not present at the time of their birth, but when informed did seem pleased to have been given a second son and daughter.

The fact that the two looked nothing alike, however, planted a seed of suspicion about the faithfulness of his wife - a beautiful woman with dark hair and violet eyes. Scarcely a year later, Allyria was caught in the bed of a cousin who had traveled to Griffin's Roost with the young bride from Dorne.

Lord Raymund made a spectacle of his wife and her attempt at cuckolding him. She was first marked as his property with a brand to her left shoulder made by heating his wax seal stamp in his solar's brazier, then stripped naked and put on the back of a horse to be sent back to Dorne.

Word was receieved a year later in a letter written to her children from their uncle in Dorne: they had a half-brother, Trystane, but their mother had not made it through the difficult delivery. Lord Raymund had celebrated his late wife's death, dealt by fate no doubt, though the following days saw him confined to his solar.

As Ravella got older, the resemblance to her mother grew along with her - a fact that many remarked upon and Lord Raymund, though he tried to ignore his daughter, could not.

When the Baratheons used the rebellion that the Targaryens started to launch a schism of their own in an effort to take back the Lord Paramountcy, their resulting victory came at the cost of a Connington ward. Criston, Ravella's elder twin brother, went to live at Storm's End with the young Baratheon lord at the age of eight, leaving the sibling he often defended to fend for herself for the next ten years.

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