Robb is the third-born son and fifth-born child of Alyx Mallister and Celia Tully; his twin sister, Rohanne Mallister, is 3 minutes older. He is a squire for his elder brother, Ser Beric Mallister.

Born in Seagard, Robb lived in House Mallister's seat for his first six years. In 392 AC, however, Robb left his home for Riverrun; his father was granted the position of Castellan and the family went with him.

He is known to not have many friends and often times be bullied by his father's squire, Parmen Waters.

Robb Mallister is a close friend to Prince Haegon Blackfyre, son of King Baelon I Blackfyre.

Recent Events Edit

400 AC. Edit

At age four and ten, Robb travels to King's Landing with his father, Lord Alyx Mallister, and his twin sister as King Baelon I Blackfyre's honored guests. Along the way, Robb begins squiring for Ser Rickard, a knight of House Mallister, and tensions with Parmen Waters come to a head. Robb and Parmen get into a brawl the night before their arrival in King's Landing, resulting in Robb beating up his childhood bully.

In King's Landing, Robb joined his father in meeting with King Baelon and his close friend, Prince Haegon. As they prepared to leave the capital after the brief visit, Robb and Haegon met in the stables to say goodbye, where Haegon hugged Robb.

At the Great Tourney at Seagard, Robb and Haegon reunite once more and continue to grow their friendship. Robb resumes being his elder brother, Beric's squire for the event.