Theodore Tyrell, also called "Theo", is the head of House Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden, and Warden of the South. Before becoming lord, Theo was a renown tourney knight and a favorite of the smallfolk.

Appearance and Character Edit

Theodore has a chiseled face, brown hair and golden eyes. He is in his early twenties, with a closely-trimmed beard. Theodore is said to look like his father in his youth. Theo is a follower of the Seven, though he is far from zealous in his practice. He is fiercely protective of his younger sister and brother.

Theo is known for his chivalry and honor.

History Edit

Youth Edit

Theodore Tyrell was born the first son of Lord Lorent Tyrell and Lady Marla Tarly. He has two younger siblings, Alicent and Loras.

Theodore spent his childhood in the halls of Highgarden, his education was overseen by his father and Lord Aemon Tarly, his maternal uncle.

In 389 AC, Theodore was betrothed to the daughter of Lord Lymond Hightower, Malora. The two were betrothed for less than a year before Lord Paramount Lorent Tyrell deigned the marriage unsuitable for his young heir. Many believe the marriage was called off because of House Hightower's revealed Targaryen loyalties.

Targaryen Rebellion Edit

In 390 AC, House Targaryen with help from House Hightower declared a war for the crown on the Iron Throne and King Baelon. Lord Paramount Lorent declared for the king.

Theodore served as his father's squire during the campaign.

Current Events Edit

In 398 AC Lord Paramount Lorent Tyrell passed, leaving The Reach and Highgarden in Theodore's young hands.

400 AC Edit

Theodore travels to the tourney of Seagard where he competes in the joust.

At the tourney Theo had fully intended to reunite himself with Malora Hightower, daughter of one of the Targaryen rebel leaders, Lord Lymond Hightower.

But due to a mix-up on the part of Theo's squire, Harris, it was Malora's sister, Ceryse, who received a letter of affection from Theo at the tournament's feast.